Friday, January 27, 2012

Guest Post // Kyte from Life's Little Ironies

Good morning everyone! I have a special surprise! Kyte from Life's Little Ironies graciously agreed to write a special guest post for today. Have a lovely weekend!

"There was a cheer­ful rat­tle and clink of chi­na. Nor­mal­ity returned. Tea! Blessed or­di­nary everyday af­ter­noon tea!"
--And Then There Were None, by Agatha Christie

Hello, Lovely Particular Readers! Thank you for letting me visit today. <3 My kitty, Irony, was one of the lucky recipients of the catnip mousies which she guards with ferocious attentiveness, along with her two favorite teddy bears. 

(photo by Kyte)

She is very stressed these days about the arrival of a new family member--a kitten named Charisma! But as we all know, when the kitty is stressed, everything is a little...on edge. Which brings me to my best stress remedy... a nice cup of tea! Because there really are times when cocktails are not appropriate.

(photo by Anne Taintor)

My mother gave me a Teatime Magazine subscription for Christmas, and it informs me that January is National Tea Month. Everything in my life is conspiring to draw me into the celebration of this delightful beverage - though as an avid tea-drinker can tell you (and will, at length) "tea" is much more than just the murky brown liquid in your cup. Tea is a mentality, a lifestyle even. It is a celebration of all things fine and good in life, such as your nice china your great-grandmother gave you that you never use, or making an Occasion out of a friend visiting, or bringing out the real silver spoons, or a tiny, decadent little you-really-shouldn't-but-oh-how-you-want-to-O-my-stars-that-was- definitely-worth-it goodie, or even just a moment alone, being still, sipping, at peace with the world. Let all the troubles and worries just stand in a row and yip for a few minutes. You need to finish your cup of tea!

(photo by Kyte)

Personally, I have been celebrating with my very favorite chai tea (ok, so it's really more of a latte...) and I've come to realize that the philosophy espoused by these tea fanatics might just have some merit. So whether you prefer blackwhiteredgreen grey, or herbal, sit down with a nice cup and a friend (or mystery novel) and I guarantee a better day!


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Anonymous said...

Life is better when you are looking at it over a perfect cup of tea.