Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Catnip Mousies

Over Christmas break I kept myself busy knitting catnip mousies for all of Hermione's kitty cat friends. This was met with mostly approval by all cats. Except for Hermione, (who ignores hers until someone else picks it up and then how dare they touch her toy!)

Caspian the Bengal playing with his mouse 
(photo by Vicki)

Irony the Supreme playing with her mouse 
(photo by Kyte

Cartman the Handsome Marmalade Cat playing with his mouse 
(photos by Anthony)

Hermione the Magnificat ignoring her mouse which is all but buried under her new obsession (paper!)

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Kyte said...

Irony does ADORE her mousie! She carries it around with her everywhere - now she has to make three trips up and downstairs to get her two teddy bears and her mousie. She is very adamant that Charisma is Not Allowed to touch it. <3 Thank you for the thoughtful gift - I've never seen such a lovely knit mousie! (Irony named it Herman.)