Thursday, August 11, 2011

sometimes it's the little things

The Washington Post has discovered the joy of all the lovely particulars! Monica Hesse writes "The world appears to have hit a particular nexus of awful: debt ceilings, credit ratings, London riots. One is tempted to go searching, full of hope, for pinpricks of light that poke holes through the black. If one is willing to look hard enough, to go small enough, to recognize that people often don’t measure life in Dow points but in tiny pleasures — extra cream, friendly dogs, pumpkin curry — then Tuesday was an extremely good news day in Washington. " 

The happy little things of life continue to help strengthen people's resilience to make the best of things no matter what is happening with the stock market or riots or any of the other stories that seem to contribute to the myriad of bad news we are daily surrounded with. And it really does cheer one up. Thinking about the good that happened to me yesterday helps to block out the remembrance of frustrations.

And with that lovely bit of happiness, I am pleased to announce that I am back. I have moved into my new home of happiness, and am practically spinning with inspiration! I love you all!

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