Saturday, June 18, 2011

mini mixtape number, oh i don't know, seventeen?

Life is slowly becoming more settled and regular once again, which makes my heart glad, and last night I put my iTunes on shuffle and fell in love all over again with some of my favorite songs ever. So on to the mixtape!

Be the One by the Ting Tings

I am not sure what it is about this song. The lyrics are sad, but I just love the melody and it all combines to cheer me up!

Whistle for the Choir by the Fratellis

The perfect song for an indie film! Completely perfect in every way. Like the foam on top of a cappuccino.

Talk by Coldplay

My first favorite song of Coldplay's, and six years after hearing it I still adore it.

The Past in Present by Feist

Maybe it's because I first heard her album in June, but Feist always reminds me of fireflies and green leaves on June nights.

Sea of Love by Cat Power

And to finish things up,  a classic made new by Cat Power. This was picked by Hermione. Have a lovely weekend everyone!


Brooke said...

Coldplay is my favorite band. Have you ever seen them live? AMAZING :)

CoutureWriter said...

Pretty much all of my legit favourite bands. Sick mixtape.