Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The King's Speech

I don't think I ever wrote about how much I loved the King's Speech. 

Of course it was sort of exciting for me to see Colin Firth in an Oscar winning role, since I've kind of loved him ever since I first saw Pride and Prejudice as a little girl. I loved the friendship between Bertie and Lionel (of course Geoffrey Rush is simply brilliant in this and should have won best supporting actor for his portrayal of an unorthodox speech therapist). 

But it was Helena Bonham Carter who completely stole the film. She made me completely fall in love with her character. You could tell how very much she loved her husband and how she would have given anything to be able to give the speech for her husband so he wouldn't be embarrassed in front of his entire country and the entire world.

It was a lovely film, and it made me so happy that a film about a happy story of something that all human beings can in some way relate with did so well at the Oscars. 


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Looks like its a great movie .. try to watch this..


GREAT movie! The wife & I watched it a couple of weeks ago.