Monday, April 25, 2011

Happiness at Jaleo

On our last DC adventure Ashley and I ended up eating at Jaleo since our favorite Oyamel had too long of a wait for two hungry girls. But it was all pixie dust in the end, because the Food Network was also there filming some sort of segment for some sort of show. Exciting exciting!

Above is fried eggplant covered in honey. This was an Ashley choice, and I'm so glad she chose it because I never knew that two things I didn't like by themselves are simply splendid together.

Shrimp covered in garlic butter. Omg. Can a girl truly be any more happy?

Perhaps she can, because the fingerling potatoes with cheese on top were pretty spectacular. 

And our bread, which was the first part of our lovely impromptu dinner.

Which also included sparkling sangria. Simply the best sangria in DC. 

And the olives finished out our dinner with happiness. 

Hermione is most saddened that she does not get to go on DC adventures with me. 
And now I have a bit of bad news for everyone. But it's not too dreadful, so don't despair. Because of how crazy busy I have been, between work and looking for a new apartment (if anyone knows of a place for me and an adorable kitten do let me know ^.^) I am too busy to keep up with posting as regularly as I had been. So posting will be light, but I will still check in as often as I can! 


Todd Bedo said...

Stumbled across your blog and after reading I find that Im starving!! haha
Im not sure about the eggplant and honey thing though ..

the pink pixie said...

Aw! You need to visit Jaleo. One bite of the eggplant and honey was enough to convert me from a hater to a lover!