Saturday, February 12, 2011

mini mixtape number fourteen

Skinnybone by Sea of Bees

In a way it reminds of Eisley only with a bit more sadness. I love the poetry of their lyrics!

Chit Chat by Hannah Georgas

Someday she will be in all the movie soundtracks and I will tell everybody that I knew her before she was ever that famous.

Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men

Iceland has done it again with Of Monsters and Men. The perfect amount of upbeat music with the right kind of vocals and I am in musical heaven!

Well Okay by Jenny O.

For some reason she reminds me a lot of Dusty Springfield with a bit higher voice. I think it's the melody's resemblance to the Son of a Preacher Man. Whatever it is, I like it.

We're Going to be Friends by the White Stripes

wd-50 had the best music ever. From Bob Dylan to the White Stripes and everything in between, and it reminded me how much I love this song. Have a beautiful weekend everybody, do happy things, don't worry about making everyone else in the world happy, and just worry about yourselves. <3 I'll be back Monday with the rest of NYC, my adventures in the city this weekend, and more finds of happiness!

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