Monday, February 7, 2011

A birthday to remember: the train

The train is the love of my life at the moment. Until last week I'd never been on a train before. For a girl who is used to flying and being sent through crazy security measure after security measure it was a lovely surprise! You get a whole lovely seat all to yourself, and can move about as you please, and can pick whichever seat you want to sit in! It's the best way to travel! I don't know why it isn't more widely used. Yes, it takes more time, but you emerge feeling like a person and not a little convict. I love it! I started at Union Station.

Since Union Station is in DC, I suppose it should not have been so shocking that pillars are in my favorite colors pink and green!

We crossed rivers!

And passed through the most adorable stops 

I love Wilmington's red happiness.

I carried Red Velvet cupcakes for miles and miles.

And finally ended up in NYC!

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