Thursday, February 10, 2011

birthday desserts at wd-50

Jon spoils me. A year ago in Chicago I made a little comment that we should go to wd-50 in NYC for my next birthday, and he remembered and took me there even when I had forgotten all about it. What is so special about wd-50, you ask? 

A five course dessert tasting menu. And here are a few of the courses.

Frozen Rice Crispy Treats and Edible Chocolate Packets of Yummyness

An amazing mix of beets and crumbled shortbread and chocolate and buttercream ice cream!

The crazy salt meringue, passionfruit, and ground pepper concoction

Grapefruits and some other amazingness that I can't even remember at the moment. But it was pink and green!

And coffee ice cream, yummy nuts, the most amazing chocolate ever, and my favorite of all.

wd-50 is the stomping grounds of chef Wiley Dufresne, who not only has that amazing name but also is something of a food magician. He opposes flavors in magical and exciting ways, and I'm still dreaming about it days later.

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