Monday, January 17, 2011

teaism, tuna, and bubble tea!

Last week I went to Teaism, the amazing Asian-fusion tea shop that offers everything from bubble tea to bento boxes. I loved it! It was my first bento box ever, and I fell in love with how everything is so neatly yet cutely organized. I loved the green tea seasoning on top of the rice, and I adored my bubble tea. Jenna got yummy soup with crazy noodles that she expertly ate with her chop sticks, impressing all of the other people (myself included) who were using regular silverware.


KJ said...

I love bubble tea!!! What kind did you get?

Jonathan said...

That looks like a winning combination to me!

the pink pixie said...

KJ: It was called Zhangzhou pearls. I think I'll be addicted to it come summer! <3