Monday, January 24, 2011

Sauca pitas on cold cold days

Last week I dipped my toe into the crazy waters of the DC food trucks that roam the streets. Jenna and I went to Sauca, which was absolutely amazing. Each of their creations is made up of a different set of meats or veggies on top of the most beautifully toasted and crispy warm pita that you have ever had in your life. It was absolute heaven. Pitas can be difficult. You need them to be the right amount of crispiness yet softness, and Sauca knows their pitas.

 I had the Beef Shawarma, which tasted rich like beef stew yet with hints of the Mediterranean, 


And Jenna had the Mumbai Butter Chicken, which was a lovely dream of chicken and spices and rice without being too spicy.


Then, to finish it off, we hopped over to Red Velvet for cupcakes. I had been dreaming of the week's special Oatmeal Cookie cupcake, which came with its own little oatmeal cookie on top of the buttercream icing! And Jenna had the birthday cake cupcake. And of course, I had chocolate milk. Is there anything quite like a cupcake and chocolate milk? I don't think there can be!

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