Friday, January 28, 2011

pink fridays: pink disposition edition

Which I did not mean to rhyme, but it does, so I shall go with it. This week was a strange one. Leaving early on Wednesday to scurry home before the snow hit was an interesting experience, and being without power for hours and hours was another interesting experience. 

 But all's well that ends well, and despite the slower commuting I found that there is beauty to be had, and if you have time to kill you might as well find a new cute bottle of wine. So that is the lesson of my week. Happiness is everywhere.

Like my venti Joy tea that came extra hot to warm me up and my cold little fingers with their remnants of their happy turquoise nail polish.

My favorite pink building. How lucky am I to see it as I go down the escalator every night?

And my favorite metro station I never got to use until this year.

P is for pink. 

And Polka Dot Riesling!

Have a lovely weekend everyone, hopefully with your own pink wine or pink champagne or pink martini. The week's mixtape will be up tomorrow, and I wish everyone all the happiness and warmth the weekend can hold!

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