Saturday, January 8, 2011

mini mixtape number eleven for the new year!

Is it a coincidence or is it pixie dust that the first mini mixtape of 2011 would be number eleven? It simply must be pixie dust. Enjoy the sounds of January and drink lots of hot chocolate!

Conversation 16 by the National

No it is not the most upbeat and positive sounding of songs, but I like the urgent drama underlying his words and the chorus that comes from the soul. And every mix needs a bit of that!

Plath Heart by Braids

I'm not quite sure what I like about this. Maybe its the minimalist tones, maybe it's the heart in the singer's voice. Whatever it is, it's different and I like it.

De-Lovely by Robbie Williams

I just loved this movie. Cole Porter really did have a touch of magic about him.

Heartbeat Radio by Sondre Lerche

I love how the tune runs up and down the octaves like an angry little joke.

Romance in E Flat Major, Op. 11 by Gerald Finzi

My classical friend Giovanni sent this to me last night. Never wildly popular while he was actually writing his music, Finzi listened to the premiere of this piece on the radio as he lay dying. I think that probably made up for the lack of recognition while alive. Simply beautiful.

Have a lovely weekend everyone! I will be back with the wrap up of my New Year's Eve extravaganza and the pretty martinis I did have, cute things from around the globe, and more happy music. Love!

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