Saturday, January 22, 2011

mini mix tape number twelve

The Puppy Song by Harry Nilsson

This will always be a favorite. How could it not? Puppies, dreams, wishes, and fairy-tale logic? I love it all.

Do What You Will by the Papercuts

I love the vague echoes of the 1960s in this song.

King of Spain by the Tallest Man on Earth

Omg. This song is a new favorite that is figuring highly on all my playlists. It sounds like something my mom would have played when I was little along with her Simon and Garfunkel and Peter, Paul, and Mary.

Numbers Don't Lie by the Mynabirds

I've already raved about how the Mynabirds are my latest favorite band, so I won't again. The colors are so pretty in this video!

Rhythm of Love by the Plain White T's

And that is all for today. I hope your weekend is chock full of good music, good times, and good food!

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