Monday, January 3, 2011

the big pretty white dome, we the pizza, and general happiness

The first day of our New Year's Eve Extravaganza was spent in the area of the Capitol. Despite visiting DC numerous times, attending college in the area for four years, and moving back in August I had never been to the Capitol before. 

It's such a pretty building! I think my favorite part is fancy King Kamehameha. 

We also investigated the Capitol Christmas Tree. Which is very impressive and quite tall.

And now we get to the most exciting part. Which is Pizza. We the Pizza is is responsible for the most mouthwatering slices of heavenly pizza that I have ever tasted. 

(my favorite from my last visit: the white pie)

(the barbecue chicken and my new favorite: the sicilian!)

But you can also get the most amazing soda delights that you can ever imagine. Boasting flavors which vary from pineapple to ginger, these fizzy drinks have real chunks of fruit in them. It's like Plato's ultimate form of sodas. 

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Elizabeth said...

We must go to this pizza place!