Tuesday, November 16, 2010

the wonder of the eiffel tower

(image via weheartit)
"The Eiffel Tower wasn't just the largest thing that anyone had ever proposed to build, it was the largest completely useless thing. . . . Eiffel gamely insisted that  his tower would have many practical applications—that it would make a terrific military lookout and that one could do useful aeronautical and meteorological experiments from its upper reaches—but eventually even he admitted that mostly he wished to build it simply for the slightly strange pleasure of making  something really quite enormous."
—Bill Bryson, At Home

I'm not quite sure what kind of category the blog Ancient Industries falls under, but I love it for the spotlight it puts on the most interesting things from all the corners of the world. This quote about the Eiffel Tower made me happy.

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Jonathan said...

Haha. I always wondered why they don't use it as a military lookout. I mean, Paris is almost always facing terrible threats. :)