Sunday, November 28, 2010

mini mixtape number seven seven seven!

I am sorry for the late mixtape. Going home was so much fun and I could only cram so much fun into each day that blogging fell by the wayside. But I do hope that everyone had a beautiful Thanksgiving holiday or a beautiful weekend depending upon where you live. Here's the new mini mixtape!

The perfect almost Christmas song for those times you want something a bit more holidayish but not completely full out Deck the Halls yet. I love it!

This was one of the prettiest movies I watched all year. A magical story, and the scene when this plays and the car is driving through the snow is one of my all time favorite movie moments.

Such a calm and perfect song. They pair like tea and scones or cinnamon rolls and cheddar. Just perfect!

Just a little bit of a beat to make sure you are still awake!

One of my all time favorite happy songs. It's so bouncy, so positive, yet a bit of whimsy just for fun. I love it. 

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