Saturday, November 13, 2010

mini mixtape number five (5).

So much passion in one song! I never get tired of Brandi Carlile's voice.

Growing up I would listen to the Andrews Sisters and Bing Crosby duet like happy birds while making chocolate chip cookies for hours. I was always sad that that age was over, but when I discovered the Puppini Sisters I realized that the happy bouncyness of the Andrews Sisters era is timeless and there will always be new sounds to discover!

This is not the best recording of this song, but at least it captures a bit of its sound. I just love Katie Herzig and her lyrics that come from the soul.

This little song is one of my favorite parts of the new Arcade Fire album. It's just perfect in its sound, time, and everything. I love it.

And with the sounds of La Vie En Rose, have a beautiful pink weekend of joy!

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