Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Lovely Particulars Gift Guide: Fish Hotel and Condo

Staying at a Kimpton Hotel is always an experience in and of itself (the excitement, the free champagne, the cookies, the goldfish!), but now the chain is lending its impeccable sense of style to the animals of the world. The Fish Hotel and Condo ($28) raises your pet fish's standard of living from apartment to penthouse with its cute array of windows. But my favorite thing is how they are stackable, so if you have two little lovelorn bettas who must live their lives at a distance from each other, you can safely introduce them to each other without worrying about any Romeo and Juliet situations. Happiness!


Megumi said...

I so want that for my betta.

the pink pixie said...

I know! I ordered one for each of mine! <3 You should get one while they are on sale!

Let's have a Ball and Biscuit said...

This is too funny! Great find!