Wednesday, November 3, 2010

christmastime is here

Okay, well not quite, but it is definitely not too soon to begin searching for the perfect Christmas cards. A girl must get a move on because even if it sounds like an easy task, it can become very difficult to actually send your Christmas cards so they will get to those you love before the glorious day. So without further ado, here is my yearly guide to Christmas cards for the year 2010!

A color wheel of Christmas treats decorates the Christmas Color Wheel card ($17), which will remind your loved ones to enjoy each and every experience whether it is sweet potato pie, starry nights, or golden ribbons. I adore this un-traditional card! 

The MOMA never fails to inspire with it's 3-D cards that pop up and delight. The Kaleidoscope Baubles ($20) will make a lasting impression on your loved ones, and may even tempt them to keep it beyond December!
But perhaps you are the more traditional girl, the girl who loves whimsy and dangling earrings and has a soft spot for her feathered friends. In that case, the Christmas Owl ($29) is perfect for you. This wise owl will make you smile with his silent sideways surveillance of his Christmas decorations.

Andy Warhol defines Christmas cheer with this Holiday Shoe Card Set ($14). I love his quote on the back of each card that declares that "The best kind of party [he] could give would be champagne and then take everybody dancing."

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