Friday, October 15, 2010

The Walters Art Museum

is my new favorite museum in terms of friendliness. The people who work there are the nicest museum people I have ever met, and I know, because I usually try and smile at the security guards at other museums that shall remain nameless, and they usually won't smile back one bit. But the Walters Art Museum guards and volunteers and cafe girls and everyone else there are simply falling over themselves to help you if you are lost, and smile, and generally seem happy! 

The collection itself is quite impressive with the mummy and a huge amount of religious relics and Egyptian and Greek and Roman jewelry, but my absolute favorite part was the special exhibit which dealt solely with Walter Wick, the magical photographer behind the I Spy books. I am sure the man has pixie dust in his soul, because I remember staring at those books for hour sand hours as a little girl, and as I stood in front of the actual sets he constructed for those photographs I was just as enchanted as the little 7 year old me. 

So if you should find yourself in Baltimore in the next few months, definitely visit the Walters for a very welcoming and quite fascinating experience!

(image one via here, two and three via here)

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