Monday, October 4, 2010

good morning baltimore

I've been to Baltimore before, but last weekend was the weekend I completely fell in love with Baltimore. The food, the fresh air, the crazy jaywalkers, everything. But more on that later. First I must say that I loved the Baltimore art museums. Apparently Baltimore is quite the city of art, and their museums prove their devotion.

The Baltimore Art Museum was huge, and it reminded me so much of the Cincinnati Art Museum because of the crazy randomness of all the things that are in there, and the amazing amount of history and intriguing interests. I think that perhaps museums like this are more free to focus on their own favorite things, whether it be sculpture or Matisse or miniature rooms of wonder and whimsy (which unfortunately did not photograph well).
Or decorative pears!

They also have one of my favorite Giacometi men. So handsome.

And a van Gogh of movement and joy.

And a Georgia. Best of all, a Georgia that could be photographed (Yes I am referring to you Georgia O'Keeffe museum of art!).

All in all, the Baltimore Museum of Art was a happy place filled with a wide variety of art of all kinds, and it made my heart happy, so I shall definitely go back, and hopefully soon, since they will be opening a crazy exhibit devoted to Andy Warhol. 

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