Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Brothers Bloom

In a college literary class I once took I learned about the literary term 'sublime'. This term refers to those sorts of things, whether in literature or in movies, that are beautiful but not necessarily happy. The sublime can inspire awe, tears, or any number of different emotions, but the one thing that all these reactions have in common is that it struck a special part of your soul, making you feel as if you caught a glimpse of something you once knew but forgot somewhere along the way.

The Brothers Bloom is the perfect example of the sublime. I was so excited to see this movie, and spent months and months waiting for it since it kept getting delayed for one reason or another. When it was finally released I went to see it, and was torn between loving and hating it. 

It's a beautiful movie, filled with quirky bits reminiscent of Wes Anderson, characters to fall in love with, and the cinematography is to die for. But the sublime comes in to play, and after watching it several times you realize that there's something deeper at work than the tale of two con men, an explosive artist with amazing taste in sunglasses, and a girl who wants the adventure she's never had. 

There's the relationship between the two Bloom brothers, the longing for something they never had, and wanting to give someone you love everything that they want even if it costs you the entire world. And that is where the sublime comes in. Life isn't always perfect, but that's where some of the most beautiful parts of life can be found.

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