Wednesday, September 29, 2010

falling in love with music

(image via weheartit)

NPR's new blog Deceptive Cadence recently asked readers to send in their stories of when they first fell in love with classical music, and received an overwhelming response from readers, all eager to share their own stories of the songs that changed their lives. My favorite story was this one from Ariana Miyasaki, who tells how she was homeless and worked holding a sandwich sign on the side of the road, when Beethoven's Sixth Symphony came on her portable cd player and she "suddenly burst into tears. I felt like Beethoven was there with me, saying, 'I know this sucks. But look— here is the whole world, outside, birds, the sky, the sun, and here you are! You are in it! Buck up!' Because of that symphony, that moment, I decided to dedicate myself to music. I got my GED. I went to community college and got an Associate's in Flute Performance, and another in Humanities and Social Science. Then, I went to conservatory and got my B.M. in Theory and History. I will do my grad work in composition. Maybe someday I will make something that will help somebody like the sixth helped me."

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