Sunday, August 15, 2010

they'll name a city after us

The weekend was beautiful and filled with all sorts of happy things,

but unfortunately all of the pictures are in California because I forgot to upload them to my computer before the camera departed for the sunny side of the country.

But things were very much like they usually are, because I drank coffee.

And we went to visit the art museums.

And we ate exciting things.

And we completed a first in that Jon took me to my first baseball game. Unfortunately my new home team did not win, but I am sure they tried their bestest. I don't know, because I left after three innings. Due to torrential downpours the game started two hours late, and because I was not caffeinated there was no hope for me to stay awake that long.

However, I have decided that I absolutely love baseball games even if I don't understand the rules of running about to different bases and am scared to death of being hit by a renegade ball like the lady in the section next to us. Luckily for her the beer can she was holding saved her from a certain hospital trip. I love the general feeling of happiness and carefree energy that seems to abound at ball parks and the fact that you can wander about wherever you like and return to find your seats waiting for you and the fact that there is all kinds of food everywhere that all happen to contain cheese, salt and my other favorite food groups! And there are fireworks! It is my new favorite place in the world.

So expect many stories about art museums, yummy food, and general happiness over the next few days, because it was a simply beautiful weekend.


Ken Row said...

How did you manage to get through school without learning the rules of running about to different bases? Aren't the rules the same as in softball and kickball?

the pink pixie said...

I have nooooo idea. I like how the players try to steal bases when the middle guy isn't looking. So cute!