Wednesday, August 25, 2010

adventures in chocolate with margo

It's Restaurant Week in DC, and so when we first heard about it over a month ago, Margo and I both knew that we wanted to go somewhere. After deliberating over the list and crossing out several options, we settled on Co Co Sala, because we'd heard so much about it, and well, of course no girl can ever go wrong with picking a place devoted to the art and love of chocolate.

So Saturday night, after discovering that our fashion taste had led us to buy the exact same dress in different colors and unpacking her car (which was filled to the brim due to her moving to New Zealand) we found ourselves at the bar at Co Co Sala, sipping amazing drinks that were covered with chocolate shavings.

(image via thejetsetgirls)

Omg. We were in heaven.

And the amazingness didn't stop there. Oh no. We sat at this cute table with the most adorable little chairs. It was as dainty as a doll's house. And we had frozen sips of hot chocolate to start out with, followed by salads, and the absolutely and positively delicious beef sliders with mole and macaroni and cheese topped with a chocolate covered piece of bacon. I was in absolute heaven. And unfortunately was most full. So the desserts had to be taken home in boxes, which I was given sole custody of. And they were just as amazing. Creme brulee and chocolate is absolute heaven on earth. As soon as Margo returns from her adventures in New Zealand, we are going back to Co Co Sala. Most definitely.

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Jonathan said...

I could use a sip of frozen hot chocolate right this instant!