Thursday, July 8, 2010

adventures in cupcake land

Monday I fell quite serendipitously upon my new therapeutic activity: cupcakes. And not just any cupcakes. Blueberry-lemon cupcakes.

I first became smitten by the idea of cupcakes when my friend Ashley introduced me to Ming Makes Cupcakes, and found a lovely sounding recipe for blueberry cupcakes. But in the heat I always crave lemon, and so I turned to Tastespotting to search for cupcakes and on the very first page I discovered what I was looking for: Blueberry Hill Cupcakes.

(image by BellaEats since my camera needed to be charged and I didn't want to stop making cupcakes to charge it)

And I am happy to report that making cupcakes is a perfectly lovely activity! It is so calming to follow the directions and do things like stirring butter with eggs and zesting a lemon and watching it all come together. It blocks out all the worries you have in the world and lets you relax, take a deep breath, and concentrate on just one thing. And the fun doesn't stop with making them, because then you get to take them to work and give them to people you like. I just love it, and can't wait to try the next cupcake recipe on my list!

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Jonathan said...

Cupcakes are always a good idea.