Thursday, June 3, 2010


Although I absolutely loved Tonic on 4th's sliders and fries, it was determined by a force other than I that we should probably not eat at the same place two nights in a row. So I picked Nada, which is a lovely restaurant that we had visited on our last adventure in Cincinnati. Unfortunately for me at the time I was high as a kite on Nyquil due to a terrible cold that I had for days on end, so this time I was excited to actually get to taste and remember the food.

And oh my is it worth remembering! Nada specializes in the art of Mexican fusion, and it is quite the art. They also have the best margaritas that I have ever had, and I can't recommend enough the Pink Grapefruit Margarita made with a special sorbet. They also had Tres Leches cake which is like the perfect springtime dessert to combat the May warmth.

And best of all? It is located in the heart of Cincinnati a block away from Fountain Square and across the street from the CAC, and generally in the middle of lots of bustling, which means there's amazing people watching to be had from the little area of tables under the magical trees. It's absolutely beautiful, and a must-visit for anyone who happens to be in Cincinnati and in need of Mexican food.

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