Thursday, May 13, 2010

music of serendipity

The Take Away Shows always cheer me up with their lovely little performances in unexpected places. They feature artists ranging from Tom Jones to Vampire Weekend, Priscilla Ahn to Arcade Fire. Try as I might I couldn't pick one favorite Take Away Show, so first there is Port O'Brien, who can't help but make you smile with their bouncy exuberance and excitement for the simple things. The first time I listened to them I laughed at their craziness, but sure enough they grew on me to become one of my favorite happy songs. The second is Elvis Perkins singing one of my other favorite songs. It's a song of magic, and as he wanders through the streets of Paris singing the music of his soul one can't help but feel as if they just witnessed something of the sublime.

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Jonathan said...

I WOKE UP TODAY! IN A VERY SPECIAL WAY!!!!!!! I like that I feel like I could sing this song on stage, if only because they kind of just yell it. :)