Tuesday, May 25, 2010

cincinnati happiness

I am extremely puzzled as to why Cincinnati is not a more popular tourist destination. It doesn't have the crazy amount of attractions like DC might, but it is quite a cute little city with more than its own share of interesting places.
And right now you should definitely go visit, because the CAC has devoted most of its space to exhibiting the artwork of Shepard Fairey.

(image courtesy of The Enquirer/Thomas E. Smith)

Unfortunately we couldn't take pictures inside the exhibit, but thankfully there was a photographer there from the Cincinnati Enquirer who serendipitously took our picture for us. ^.^

You may remember him as the man behind the Obama picture. Or the man behind all the Andre the Giant pictures. Or countless other pieces of pop culture that have made their way into the national consciousness.

Once you meet his work, you can never forget it. Mr. Fairey's work is filled with a passion that cannot be ignored, and his brilliance at ironic propaganda will completely capture your attention. I adored the exhibit. You can feel the energy in the air as you wander about among the huge murals and smaller portraits. I urge anyone who can to visit Cincinnati and pay your respects to this amazing and energetic exhibit.

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