Thursday, April 1, 2010

in which i fall in love

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with this amazing thing called fry bread. It's like if a pita and a tortilla made wondrous love and had a baby together. That baby would be fry bread! This amazing delicacy was found at the Blue Corn Cafe & Brewery in Santa Fe. I simply adored this little restaurant and bar. The margaritas come in cute glasses, the food is amazing, and they put all the green chilis on the side so non New Mexicans do not experience difficulty eating. But more on green chilis later. I fell in love with the magical city of Santa Fe where they have magic and wonder around every corner.


Jonathan said...

Fact of the day: When dining in Santa Fe or other high dessert cities, it is important to take the high elevation into account.

Pinon Coffee said...

I can't resist.. high "dessert" or high "desert"? SF has lovely desserts, that's for sure... like the gelato place downtown... yummy!

Fry bread is certainly lovely, but did you get to try any sopaipillas while you were there?? That's what I just love.

And speaking of falling in love, if you ever go on a honeymoon, a night or two in Santa Fe is totally worth it. :-)

Jonathan said...

I wish there was a way to edit comments! I realized I did that as soon as I hit "Publish Your Comment." Dessert always has an extra S because you always want more.