Tuesday, February 16, 2010

picnics on warm sunny days

(image via foodbizdaily.com)

I still have much more to write about Chicago, but first I must blog about one of the lovely particulars I found there.

And that is Birch Izze.

I had no idea that this flavor would be so amazing. In fact I was planning on trading my Birch Izze for my boyfriend's Ginger Izze. But that was not to be, for from my first sip I was completely enthralled with my new favorite drink in the world. It makes me feel happy like a picnic on a warm summer's day where everything seems green and golden all at once. Simply lovely.


undercoverst said...

I love your blog. Seriously it always makes my day brighter! I love Izze. yum!


ps. I read it every day :D

Jonathan said...

I can't believe you were going to steal MY IZZE!