Thursday, February 18, 2010

baby love

(image via sephora)

I am a nail polish addict. One can never have too many nail polishes. Each color opens an entirely different world of feelings and excitement! Anyway, my latest love is Sephora by OPI in Access 24/7. This pink is not like your everyday pink. Oh no. This pink pops with excitement and new life, reminding you that the colorful tulips and flowers of spring is not so very far away, despite the snowy weather conditions.

(And I haven't forgotten. More Chicago is on its way)


Michelle said...

Those nail polishes are my newest obsession too! Love them!!!

Jonathan said...

It is lucky for you there are so many shades of pink! More shades of pink = more nail polish for you!

Anonymous said...

I am wearing that exact shade! So far the entire time I have been wearing it I have been having one adventure after another! LOVE IT!!!!