Thursday, June 11, 2009

cute things on a thursday!

Time for a special pink-themed edition of the cute things of the week! After all, pink is the color that makes the world spin round and round.

Too Faced Liquif-Eye Magical Eyeliner

(image from

This liquid wand takes any eyeshadow and turns it as if by magic into eyeliner that will not smudge! It is amazing and I love it. Suddenly you have perfect eyes that look like Jean Seberg's in Breathless!


(image from

Not only are these shoes absolutely adorable, but they come in five different colors for each day of the work week. And they share a name with my absolute favorite spring flower. They make my mornings pop with happiness!

Pink Yoga Mat

(image via
Things are usually more fun with pink accessories, and yoga is no exception. I love my pink yoga mat. I just concentrate on the flowers and little dragonflies that decorate the pink mat and before I know it I feel relaxed and peaceful! Yoga is simply a beautiful thing, but it is even better with a pink mat. 

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