Monday, May 25, 2009

happy things of the day!

Another week, another blank chapter waiting to be filled with new serendipitous things!

Bossa Nova Acai Juice

This juice is powerful juice. It reminds me of what I always thought wine must taste like as a little girl. Rich and full and sparkly in your mouth!

Grape or Cherry Tomatoes

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Sometimes it is just the little things of life that makes life worth living. And grape tomatoes or cherry tomatoes are those things. Filled with lycopene and antioxidants, these lovely inventions hit the spot on hot summer days. 


Smiles make the world go round. So more people should practice smiling! It catches other people off guard and then spreads. Like swine flu. Only happier!

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Jonathan said...

Acai passion fruit juice woke me up on the way to work this morning!!