Tuesday, April 28, 2009

cute things on a tuesday

Another new week, another collection of things that are adorable and make life happier.

Pink Bubbly by Philosophy
(image via Philosophy)

I simply love love love this lip gloss. It smells and tastes like pink champagne, and it is especially fun to wear whenever you happen to be somewhere where champagne is frowned upon.

(image via Viator)

I love how beautiful the tulips are at this time of year. The flowers look like happy smiles embracing the sunshine!

(image via Epicurious)

I know that hummus is not necessarily a cute thing, but it is a wonderfully deliciously yummy thing. And combined with a pita, some tomatoes, and avocado it is practically a foretaste of a heavenly realm.

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Jonathan said...

Oh hummus is definitely a cute thing. It's on your blog! Isn't that enough? Oh, and it is so, SO tasty!