Friday, April 17, 2009

clumsy 'cause i've fallen in love...

with too many nail polishes! It is too hard to choose when there are so many beautiful colors out there! 

(image via OPI)


The Most Excellent Margo said...

ooh, oooh. I forgot to tell you. I had this crazy dream that you and I were shopping at Costco with my real family and we stumbled upon this metal box that looked like it belonged in a construction worker's truck and we were like "what is this?" and it turned out to be this HUGE box filled with like 10 different OPI colors and they were only $8.99 each and we couldn't decide which one to get because one had too many pinks and one had too many blues. I don't remember how it ended, but I do remember you and me and the nail polish.

And I think we should add that to our list of things that help us through college. <3 <3

Jonathan said...

I feel bad because I did not dream about OPI, but those colors do look like fun. :) Okay, maybe I don't really feel bad about it.