Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"tell me, have you been getting results with a line like that?"

One of my favorite movies ever!

"you can always take long walks in the sunshine..."

Perhaps it is a bit cliché after Sleepless in Seattle, but in my opinion An Affair to Remember must stand as one of the greatest films ever. Cary Grant was at the peak of his career, and he and Deborah Kerr may have the most perfect film chemistry ever. 

"you go think in your room while I think in mine--while we miss each other."

But it is more than just the acting. The colors in this film are so beautiful, and Deborah Kerr's dresses are simply gorgeous. This film makes you long for a time when shoes and purses matched, people traveled primarily on ocean liners, and girls loved pink champagne.

"I was looking up--it was the nearest thing to heaven! You were there."

(photos via flickr)

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jonathan said...

here's lookin' at you kid... oh wait. that was humphrey bogart, not carey grant. and casablanca, not an affair to remember. still, it is a classic movie quote, so i deserve some points. :)