Monday, March 9, 2009

Cute things on a Monday

There are so very many cute things in the world! Here are just a few that have popped up in my life over the past two weeks. 

paris je t'aime

This beautiful movie is made up of twenty miniature films five to ten minutes in length each dedicated to a specific area of Paris. Together these films create a beautiful picture of the City of Love. Each one reminded me of a poem, for each one is perfection in six minutes.

creme brulee

Is there any dessert as wonderful and magical as creme brulee? My favorite part is cracking the hard shell to find the cool creamy custard beneath the sugar. I had some this weekend with caramel and sea salt and nutella that was perfection on earth!

the magical bottles of ramune 

It's like a little obstacle course. Before you get to drink the soda you have to pop the marble out of its place with the little miniature plunger. Apparently these bottles with marbles trapped forever inside them are actually an invention made by Mr. Hiram Codd of London, England. 

bliss blue bar

Not only is this little bar a beautiful shade of blue and smells like lemons and verbena but it also makes blue bubbles! Everyone should try this soap! It's amazing!

mount vernon

Everyone should pay a visit to George Washington's dream home. With a beautiful view of the Potomac, Mount Vernon encapsulated Washington's idea of the good, the true, and the beautiful. He took such loving care of his estate, and these actions are echoed today by the many many people who have lovingly restored it to its original splendor. 

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Jonathan said...

Creme brulee is pretty much kitchen magic. Black magic. It's so, so good.