Monday, February 23, 2009

Pink Balloons on a Blue Monday

It is another true blue Monday afternoon, so to brighten life in general let's round up the happy things of the day.

This lip gloss is absolutely amazing. Not only does it tingle and make your lips feel plump but it also lends confidence to your entire day. What can anyone say to you when you know your lips look amazing? And Dolly is a nice color because it is not natural yet glossy.

I cannot say enough about Twinings Irish Breakfast Tea. I first discovered it when I was a little girl playing tea party with my sister. Over the years I have met many other kinds of teas much more exotic than Irish Breakfast, but nothing quite matches the taste of a steamy cup of Irish Breakfast tea in the cold cold morning. It's amazing. 

Lotion can be a tricky business, especially in this world of lotions that masquerade as good for you but in reality contain all kinds of things that are not healthy for your skin. What is a girl to do? L'Occitane comes to the rescue with their lavender lotion. Not only will it make your skin feel so smooth, but it is a nice consistency and, if you use it before bed, will send you sweet-scented dreams of France. I can't wait to try the hand creme.
And the last happy thing of the day is the Andes Mint. Nothing quite tastes like it. It's more refined than a peppermint patty, yet not as serious as serious chocolate. It's the perfect companion for the movies, although the box does not keep them organized and inevitably I end up with Andes mints all over the bottom of my purse. If you are looking for the perfect treat for the movies, try Andes Mints. 

And as an extra bit of happiness is this unique proposal from the Brooklyn Bridge. I just love this idea of combining balloons with love and happiness!


Anonymous said...

You truly are my daughter!!! I am glad you learned to find delight in the little things in life. Ok, I do agree with the lip gloss, Irish Breakfast and Andes mints... but, I would have to go with a pomegranate lotion.

Anonymous said...

I helped with the Andes!!

Just sayin :D

Jonathan said...

Do they make Andes ice cream? Because if they don't, I think they should. And if they do, I want to buy 80 cartons. :)